Garmin Instinct - How To Use Ski or Snowboard Activity

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In this video we will look at how you can record snowboard or downhill ski activities on your Garmin Instinct. You can select between SKI or SNOWBOARD activities by pressing the GPS button. If you don't see the activity list, scroll down and select ADD to add the activity to your favorite list. To start the activity, PRESS on the GPS button, wait for the GPS signal and PRESS again the GPS button to start the activity. The Garmin Instinct can figure out when you are going downhill or uphill, so you can view the SKI RUNS feature to get a breakdown of each of your downhill runs. You can access the SKI RUN option by PRESS and HOLD the UP/MENU button and select SKI RUNS. --------- 🚛 #Truckcamping Gear List 🚛 🛰️Latest Garmin Products 🛰️ 🛒 Accessories For Your Garmin 🛒 🚴 #FatBike and #BikePacking Gear 🚴 --------- #avoidingchores #garmin #garmin instinct

Published by: Jim Cyr
Published at: ۸ months ago
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