These CAKE Artists Are At Another Level

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If you are still not sure of what to do this days at home, we bring you some yummy inspiration that can bring your inner baker out. Baking is not only a beautiful art but it is also delicious! Try some of these artists recommendations and guides into creating the perfect cakes. ( Check Out These Amazing Artists: SAEED KANAN Instagram: This iranian chef is capable of doing whatever shape he wants in a cake: shoes, cameras, pillows, roses... everything you can imagine he can make it into a cake. Enjoy it! KATHERINE WALTON Instagram: Web: This chef can create the most creative and colorful cakes with the most elaborated shapes. She is always ready to surprise us with the most crazy cakes! Surrender to her sweetness! KSENIA PENKINA Instagram: Ksenia is a pastry chef with an instagram full of recipes that will make you forget about your diet. If you want to follow her tips and secrets, check her online classes. NICOLAS NIKOLAKOPOULOS Instagram: Nicolas is a pastry chef and chemist who mixes his two passions into one. His creations come in different shapes and sizes, he even has a clock inspired dessert! AMY DROUBAY Instagram: Amy is a ballet director and dancer who fell in love with bakery. She is self-taught and her cake decoration ideas will make you fall in love! HADI ZAMANI Instagram: Hadi is a cake and pastry designer from Iran. He recreates flowers, bears and much more check it out! NIK AND LILY Instagram: This two bakers creates illusions, textures and amazing colors on their cakes. You can find in their pages mousse cakes, macorons, pavlovas and more. RYAN WILSON Instagram: Ryan is a 16 year old cake artist who will easily surprise you with his creations. From monster cupcakes to easter cakes he has it all figured out. DIANA KASKO Instagram: Dinara gives pastry masterclasses and also creates silicone cake moulds you can buy in her store. Check her unusual creations and creative cake decorations. CUPCAKES BY SJ Facebook: This cake artist creates decorations for any occassion. Her creations range basically any topi including nature, barbies and even cakes with horses! RENAT AGZAMOV Instagram: Renat is a cake and pastry designer who has no limit when it comes to creating the biggests and wildest cakes. He does incredible architectural designs that are simply delicious! GELATIN ART MARKET Instagram: Web: Facebook: Youtube: This group of artists creates amazing gelatine desserts full of designs. SUSANNE NG Instagram: Susanne is the founder of Deco Chiffon Cakes. She has written a book about decoration basics and tips. check her cute creations out! Submit your art video to get featured on our channel at:

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