Fallout TV Show + Hand-On With Mortal Shell - IGN News Live - 07/02/2020

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Powered by Restream https://restream.io/ Donate to the World Health Organization: donate.ign.com/whocovidrelief Donate to The Bail Project: donate.ign.com/thebailproject Hey, they’re making a bunch of video games into TV shows now, it’s totally a thing. Let’s talk about: a Fallout show, a My Friend Pedro show, the return of Clone High, Giancarlo Esposito in an upcoming mystery game, and all the hands-on time our own Mitchell Saltzman got to spend with Mortal Shell, the upcoming Souls-like. All that and more of the biggest pop culture news of the day, here on NG+. NOTE: No episode tomorrow, we’re off for the holiday weekend. See you Monday!

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