Harvesting Reprogrammed Colonies in TeSR™-E7™

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For the more information on this Tech Tip please visit: http://www.stemcell.com/en/News/1a1eb/Julys-Technical-Tip-2015.aspx TeSR™-E7™ is a xeno-free and defined reprogramming culture medium optimized for the generation of human iPS cells without the use of feeders. This video describes the characteristics of reprogrammed iPS cell colonies and provides instructions for manually harvesting putative iPS cell colonies for replating and further expansion. For more information visit http://www.stemcell.com Subscribe to STEMCELL Technologies on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/STEMCELLTechnologies Follow STEMCELL Technologies on Twitter at https://twitter.com/stem_cells Like STEMCELL Technologies on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/stemcelltechnologies

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Published at: 6 years ago
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