Calculate The Total Sum of Numbers! 684 Number Puzzle- How Many Numbers Can You See?

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This math problem went viral on Twitter and I've seen a lot of debate about the answer. How many numbers can you see? It shows all the numbers in this picture excluding the 5 and calculates the sum of all the numbers. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Celzo Academy: 👍 Visit my FB Page: Celzo Academy: 👍 Join the FB Group: Math Made Easy by Celzo Academy: 👍 Gani is a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) and a recipient of numerous awards including United Way’s Inspirational Teacher (Los Angeles, California, USA), All-Star Teacher (Minnesota, USA), and Finalist Fishman Prize for Superlative Classroom Practice (New York, USA). He holds an MA in Special Education and completing his Ph.D. in Educational Management in the Philippines and Certificate in School Management and Leadership at Harvard Graduate School of Education. Teaching diverse students from all walks of life in the Philippines, Singapore, and the United States has exposed him to various challenges and has developed him into a teacher with an international perspective today. Math is already a difficult subject and his goal is always creating a positive learning environment that builds relationships, empowering his students in taking risks and advancing their knowledge, embracing the power of making mistakes and developing a positive growth mindset. He feels his greatest achievement as a teacher is becoming a torch of light and inspiration that illuminates the lives of students and the community. Teaching is his chosen calling and a mission He strives to undertake with love and passion, a commitment to be an inspiration and make an impact in the lives of underserved students.

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