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In 1997, Harry Potter was published by Bloomsbury with a short initial print-run of 500 copies. Now, that book has grown into a full-blown universe, The Wizarding World, with 13 books, 10 movies, 2 theme parks and millions of fans worldwide. Today we have chosen some of the most incredible art inspired by this wizard. Who is your favourite character? Leave it in the comments below. Check Out These Amazing Artists: CATDOGFATNESS Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Shop: HETVI PATWA Instagram: Tiktok: LEONARDO UGOLINI Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Other:Webshop: Patreon: R A CASTING Tiktok: Youtube: GUNNAR DEATHERAGE Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: EYEINSPIRED BY KELLY EDELMAN Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: VIVIAN XUE Instagram: Tiktok: Web: 天道酬勤 董乐 Kuaishou ID: DL448346868 АЛЕКСАНДР ИВАНЧАК Instagram: Tiktok: DOLLFOODS Etsy: ANNA XIEWEI Instagram: NIVSAYA Instagram: TROPPA MANGA STYLE Etsy: EARTHARTGEMS Instagram: MYROWS Instagram: Tiktok: RAFAEL ZAGO Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Web: YULIYA DATSENKO Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: GARDENOFEDENDESIGNCO Instagram: Tiktok: Shop: ALAN Instagram: Tiktok: COEWLESSPOLISH Instagram: LONELYSOLESOFFICIAL Instagram: TERESA ANNE DESIGNS Facebook: HAYATININEVRENI Instagram: AISHAVOYA Instagram: CHIBIBAILEY Web: LAURYN ASHLEY Instagram: Tiktok: Shop: 垚圭土_ Bilibili ID: 14641293 FINLI DRAPPER MUSIC Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Facebook: Other: Submit your art video to get featured on our channel at:

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