2021 new ship CHEROKEE RO-RO carrier train ferry service in Gulf of Mexico 有火車軌的新貨船 非常罕見



CHEROKEE is a train ferry, a RO-RO carrier, newly built specially to reduce the voyage time across the Gulf of Mexico. The special features of this vessel is that there are rail tracks on the deck. 有火車軌的貨船,非常罕見。可以把火車卡又美國南部,運戴到 墨西哥,路程大大縮短,由一般2200英里減至950英里,也省了兩天時間。 The ship owner is CG Railway, which has operated this train ferry route for the past 20 years. Two new ships were built and they will replace the old ships in 2H 2021. With the two new vessels, the turnaround time will be faster, and the annual carrying capacity will be increased by 40%. The new ships CHEROKEE and the other unknown name are built by CSSC Huangpu Wenchong Shipbuilding Co. The dual deck ships have rail tracks, and can hold 135 rail cars, 20 more than previously, and travel at 14 knots, double the existing ships. You can faintly see the rail tracks on the ship when i flew at the stern. Unfortunately, the rail tracks were covered by the container boxes of JB Hunt. map credit VESSEL FINDER info source CG RAILWAY

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