Gypsy Jazz Arpeggios Over 'Minor Swing' - Gypsy Jazz Guitar Secrets

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Download your free issue of Gypsy Jazz Guitar Secrets here: - iTunes - Google Play Here's a complete chorus of solo you can use over 'Minor Swing' using arpeggios. We first need to learn the arpeggios for the basic 3 chords of 'Minor Swing'. Am Dm E7 Then we also ad the Bb7 arpeggio which precedes the final E7. I use this basic arpeggio starting on the minor 3rd of the minor chord a lot and like the sound. Remember these are just basic arpeggios and the real magic in your solos happens when you make them your own and add chromatics and different rhythmical phrasing. Have fun! It’s all about learning and absorbing these small tasty bite size ideas into your playing. Before you know it you’ve got a ton of great stuff at your fingertips! Swing Out! Robin If you have a question about gypsy jazz just zap me a mail:

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