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Unique Woodworking Tool Hi! Im Bob Schmidt with Home Remodel Workshop. I found yet another tool that not only would be great for the DYIs and the homeowners, but it will also be very useful for the professional. Lets get to work. Now, Ive already produced videos showing you how to use hand drive nails and also showing you how to use a nail gun. But theres one thing that both of these have in common. And what that is, is a nail set. This is a traditional nail set kit that you use to see in most carpenters carry around. Theres an alternative to this for those of you who are hammer challenged and for tight places for the experts where you have to get in the really tight places where its hard to swing your hammer. Now, what I have here is a spring actuated nail set and punch. Theres no hammer required while using this and its very easy to use in tight places. Now, youve drove this nail and as far as you dare, you know and another couple of whacks, youre going to starting to put this edge and this OG in jeopardy. Now is the time you get ahead and take your nail set, set it on there. Just take your time, just keep the little pressure towards the nail head and it drives it right down and right below the surface. Simply take your favorite spackle fill it in, ready to paint. A truly unique feature about this nail set unlike a conventional nail set. Although you may have room to get in here to drive a finish nail because its being adjacent to this corner. If you try to get a nail set in there and a hammer to drive at the same time, its not going to work. Youre going to damage up your wall. Well with the spring loaded nail set, even in tight spaces such as this, its very easy to get that nail set down flush or below the surface. Now I know that some of you are going to say, Yeah that works fine on a little six penny nail through some soft pine but Im dealing with hardwood and trim nails, or 16 penny nail for exterior. Im going to use the punch size and sacrifice one of my favorite magazines here to show you just how much power this thing has. With just a few smacks, it actually drive itself through the magazine. Plenty enough power for driving in those nails through hardwood and those nails as long big finish nails. So there you go the spring drive nail set and punch. So there you go the hammer free spring drive nail set and punch. Great for those people whose friends call them lightning because they can never strike in the same place twice. Im Bob Schmidt with Home Remodel Workshop. If you like this tip, please subscribe. If not, check out our home channel. We have many other videos there, thanks.

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