BEST TIPS For Surviving A Nuclear Apocalypse !

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Those who properly prepared might get the chance to start civilization over again. From building state of the art nuclear bunkers to forming coalitions with neighboring survivors, where 10 Tips for surviving a Nuclear Apocalypse. Subscribe to American Eye 4. Become a Mole Person Although radiation levels should die down after a year or so, there’s still always that possibility of breathing in toxic dust that doesn’t want to seem to leave earth's atmosphere. Who knows what kind of strange creatures are roaming around up at the ground level and your best bet, for a while is going to be to camp out underground. The choice is somewhat drastic but there’s a better chance you’ll go undetected by looters or bands of raiders. Humans are still nothing but survivors at this point and it’s unclear how people will be able to mentally handle the unbelievable change that’s taken place upon our earth. Hopefully small communities can begin to develop in places such as subway stations, abandoned mines, missile silos or massive train tunnels such as the gotthard base tunnel in Switzerland. Becoming a mole person is certainly your best option especially in the case of nuclear winter like we mentioned and it might be what we’d have to go through to keep the human race alive. 3. Radiation Zombies or Ghouls Another thing you’re going to have to look out for during the beginning of the apocalypse and possible years to come, are people who are infected with radiation and have lost their mind from this traumatizing event. You really never know how you might begin to act when the apocalypse hits the fan. People who’ve lost everything they own, have nothing left to lose and will go on rampages from their mental illnesses. They also might have scrubbed too hard in the shower and no longer have smooth skin. The ghouls can also be created from people who constructed home made shelters which still protected them a little bit to the point where they weren’t killed but still scarred from the overwhelming radiation. Their DNA might also be altered from the powerful effects of the blast, resulting in the inability to create children, or creating more monsters. Other ghouls out there who might have completely lost their mind and ability to function, could result in becoming feral and cannibalistic. These are mostly the ones you have to watch out for if you choose to roam around in the wasteland. Other animals who already have are resistant to things such as radiation, might be able to grow at frightening rates as well due to the lack of other predators, and their ability to survive, so watch out! 2. Form a Coalition or a Group Strength is certainly made with numbers and during the apocalypse, you’re going to need some help surviving. Surviving would be possible by yourself of course but many question how one’s mental health would be from lack of socializing during such a traumatic event. This one reason why you need to join a group, it’s preferably to have an extra set of ears, eyes, and specialties while looking out for radioactive zombies. Choosing a team isn’t always easy either. You’ll have to see which type of surviving suits you best. You might find out who someone truly is until the apocalypse goes down, so choose wisely and hopefully you won’t be that guy who dies first. Many resources may be scattered across the wasteland waiting to be discovered that will ultimately aid in your survival. Making sure that some people have your back will be crucial. Restarting Civilization If life as we know it were to come to an because of a full blown nuclear apocalypse eventually the radiation will settle down and people can begin to establish settlements again where the nukes didn’t strike. A massive effort will be needed in order to rebuild civilization even when moral is low. A currency needs to be established, law needs to be put into order, and access to clean water must be available. It certainly won’t be easy and it’s tough to say how much soil will be contaminate and what species of animals will still be left. Humanity will have to face one of the toughest challenges it’s ever met before and we’ll need an abundance of tough people willing to dedicate their lifestyle from living comfortably, to people who are surviving for the sake of the human race. It’ll take much time and much knowledge will need to be rediscovered as we enter a dark age of history. Hopefully by then, scientists will have researched enough to be able to shoot down most nuclear missiles before they strike major cities

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