How To Get Your Veins To Show | 5 Tricks To Look More Vascular | Rubal Dhankar

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Vascularity & Pump In Just Rs 10 | Get More Veins Fast | How To Get Vascularity | Jai Hind Cheapest juice for liver When fitness police man in public Follow Me on My Facbook Page☆ INSTAGRAM☆ TWITTER☆ Cheapest Amino 55 grm protien just 23 rs. Subscribe mychannel☆ Subscribe I am a fitness freak who came from a middle-class family where it becomes very hard to follow your passion and dreams as money is a basic requirement to get every essential component that can lead to an achievement that a person seeks to get in his/her whole person. But despite from being a middle-class family, I followed my passion for fitness from a very small age. There was a time when my family faced various financial problems due to which they were not able to get enough money to fulfill my needs but my determination and passion gave me the strength to fight the odds and achieve my dreams. Later, I joined the police force to become a police officer. And after being a police officer I managed to keep my fitness routine and diet on the right track. In this, I also faced many problems as I have to keep the right balance between my duty and fitness. i also participated in MTV Roadies and got selected in the auditions. I was given the tag of 'Mr. Fit in the Roadies. I also got very popular among the youth through the medium of Roadies as my hard work and passion became an example for many young boys and girls who want to achieve a great level in their body fitness. I never stopped working on my fitness and now through the help of my YouTube channel I am guiding and inspiring many others to follow their passion and achieve their passion.

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Published at: 1 year ago
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