Low Gear- The Challenges| Old, but New Cars (Mr Bean's Mini!) GTA V Top Gear

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Iain and David challenge each other in some old (but new to GTA Online) cars, which are the Rune Cheburek and the Issi Classic. They have 5 challenges to take part in, but the first one to win 3 challenges wins the episode overall! Challenges: Low Gear Test Track- The car that sets the fastest lap, wins. Smashy Crashy- After two minutes, whoever knocks down the most lamposts/signs and phone boxes, wins. Off-road race- Speaks for itself. Sumo- The person who falls off the platform first, loses the challenge. Most Wanted- Both have a 5 star wanted level. The first to die from being shot by the cops, loses the challenge. Music teknoaxe - Paradox of Brutality Twitter- https://twitter.com/MineAndDrive

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