[MK7] Mii Dumper Online



This is a hack I made for Mario Kart 7 that will dump player's Miis from an online lobby. This works in communties, battles, and regular worldwides. These Miis can be imported into your CFL_DB.dat file and then you can put that back on your 3DS. The code is region free and works flawlessly as far as I can tell. If you get disconnected from a lobby, you can still dump people's Miis from it even if you're not in the room. This functionality also carries over to smaller size rooms- for example, if you're in an 8 player room and then enter a 6 player room, only the first 6 people's names will be updated, the last 2 will still be there from the old lobby. All links are below. If you have any questions on how this works, feel free to leave a comment below 3DS Mii Edit Tool: https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-3ds-mii-edit-tool-edit-your-miis-right-on-your-pc.456607/ How to get CFL_DB.dat: https://www.reddit.com/r/3dshacks/comments/96henk/tutorial_replace_your_3ds_personal_mii_eg_with_a/ Download plugin: https://github.com/DarkFlare69/MK7-Online-NTR-Plugin-v3/raw/master/MarioKart7.3gx Source code: https://github.com/DarkFlare69/MK7-Online-NTR-Plugin-v3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Twitter: http://bit.ly/2n85dq6 Donate: http://bit.ly/1RMESY8 Subscribe: http://bit.ly/24FZ4lF Website: http://bit.ly/1TYsPJw ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks for watching! Like, subscribe, and comment for more codes, tutorials & videos :)

Published by: DarkFlare
Published at: ۱ year ago
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