The Forest Update V0.70 Just the Updated Ending SPOILERS

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This is just the new ending . The Full update video will be up soon. Update V.70 patch notes can be found here Non Steam Server Update 70 don't forget to restart the server to update to the new Version. Edit The Forest Update v0.70B HOTFIX Fixed issue with players being unable to let go of log sled unless hit or taking damage. The Forest Update 70 -------------------------------------------What is this game?---------------------------------- This game is The Forest Update .70 , you can get it here -----------------------------------------------Music-------------------------------------------------- outro for the forest update v70 Digital Lemonade Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License ---------------------------------Our Info--------------------------------- Discord: Steam: Twitter : the forest update 70, the forest update v70, the forest update v.70, the forest update v0.70, The Forest update V70, The Forest update .70, The Forest update 0.70, The Forest update V.70, llama job queue,

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