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The Hillstream Loach is not just cool and interesting, its also very popular in the aquarium hobby with many variants available. Common/ Trade Name: Hillstream Loach, Butterfly Loach Scientific Name : Sewellia lineolata Family : Balitoridae Location : Southeast and East Asia Max. size: 3 inches / 8 - 9 cm PH range: 6.0 -- 7.4 Temperament: Peaceful. Good candidate for a community fish tank Temperature range: 68 - 75° F Care level: Well acclimated specimens are quite hardy. Smaller individuals are quite tolerant of each other but will become more territorial as they grow. This fish prefers well oxygenated water with plenty of hiding spots. They will scavenge dry and frozen foods. They love water movement, so a circulating powerhead is ideal for keeping these fish happy. PREVIOUS VIDEO : COOL AND WEIRD FISH

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