Should You Upgrade Your BIOS

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Should You Upgrade Your BIOS ►►►SUBSCRIBE for more: Do you need to update / flash your computer's BIOS? You don't need to flash computer BIOS if everything is working fine. The only time you will need to flash the bios is if you have a bug or known issue with your bios. You probably won’t see the any difference between the new BIOS version and the old BIOS version. We have a saying, if it ain't broke don't fix it. These are the only times you should flash your BIOS, as stated by the motherboard Manufacturer. * Bugs * Hardware Support * Known Issue by Motherboard Manufacturer * New Motherboard and New Hardware Warning: If your computer loses power during the flashing process, you will brick your motherboard and the computer will be unable to boot. ✅ Britec Merchandise ——————— My Social Links: 🔵 View My Channel - 🔵 View My Playlists - 🔵 Follow on Twitter - 🔵 Follow on Facebook: 🔵 View my Website: 🔵 My Official Email: 🔵 My Discord: #Bios #FlashBios #UpdateBios #UpgradeBios

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