Spoilsport - Shaun the Sheep (Series 5)

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Series 5 has arrived on Shaun the Sheep's Official YouTube channel! Here's one of our favourite clips... Shaun persuades Bitzer to take part in his game of Cricket but Bitzer is more worried about the condition of the pitch than the game. The resident moles, unhappy at the game taking place above their head get involved in a tit for tat with Bitzer, which soon escalates to full-scale war. Subscribe to Shaun the Sheep's channel: http://bit.ly/subscribetoshaun Join Shaun's Flock! http://shaunthesheep.com/ https://www.facebook.com/shaunthesheep https://twitter.com/shaunthesheep

Published by: Shaun the Sheep
Published at: ۲ years ago
Category: فیلم و انیمیشن