Russell Westbrook - Premier Passer

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Russell Westbrook in the open floor mostly ends well for Oklahoma. Whether it’s attacking before the defense gets set, or just storming down the court with reckless abandon, Russ is scary when he’s coming at you with any kind of momentum. verybody knows all about his elite athleticism and explosiveness, but people have always slept on how capable a passer he is. Yes, he’s more of a scorer, and yes, he is probably one of the better “two’s” in the league, but he’s third this year in assists (at the moment), and finished in the top 5 last season. His supernova performances last year after Kevin Durant went down really buoyed his numbers, but that shouldn’t take away from our appreciation of his playmaking. Of course, in wanting to create a video of just his passing, I found it extremely difficult to choose which clips to cut. I finally decided on making one that focuses on his ball distribution in pick and roll situations. He’s such an offensive threat in these scenarios that defenses would almost rather just give up an open shot to another player versus having Westbrook kill them every time. This video, and the other one I’m working on, are all from his statistically absurd 2014-2015 season. So here, Westbrook’s passing (in non pick and roll situations) from last season (14-15). My Westbrook pick and roll passing video got taken down, but I figured I could throw this up there as a bonus for the end of the year.

Published by: Evin Gualberto
Published at: 5 years ago
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