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While this "baby monitor" is technically a home protection device, it has features like night vision and two-way audio that make it a new parent favorite. Babylist Scout Deniece shows you more! 0:10 Product details 2:10 Things to consider Check out the Nest Cam: Doing more research? Here's a “Best Baby Monitors of 2020” guide: — Click here to subscribe 👉 Every family’s “baby must haves” are different — each week Babylist shares new baby tips, breaks down all the baby essentials and shows you how to use everything so you can own this parenting thing. Add all the baby gear you love to your Babylist baby registry. Get started 👉 Babies are too tiny to use social media, but we aren't! Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: **This information is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only. We do not accept any responsibility for any liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise, incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, from any information or advice contained here.

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