Automatic ripe yellow banana skin peeling machine ripe banana peeler machine



Our automatic ripe yellow banana peeling machine is professional used for ripe banana.The machine has the characteristic of high capacity and high peeling effect.It can be used to peel all kinds of banana with any curved bananas, any size and any shape ban. Features: 1. the machine feeding, peeling integration. 2.the machine automatically peeling, peeling clean, flesh intact. 3. the machine output is high, can peel 1000KG-3000KG per hour. 4. can peel the green banana clearly. peel the banana pulp sleek no damage. 5. peeled banana pulp and peel automatically separated output If you are interested in our ripe banana peeling machine,please feel free to contact me. Whatsapp:+86 15238068253

Published by: Lina Zhang
Published at: ۱ year ago
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