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Violent Nomads As the temperature rises so does the crime rate. Spring and summer are bad guys favorite time of year for home invasions. There are two kinds of home predators - the day walkers and night walkers. The day walkers want your stuff. The night walkers want you.... There are all kinds of criminal "tricks" that allow illegal access to your home. This technique is probably one of the most secret tricks amongst bad guys and exposing it will allow you to prevent it. The hidden value in this technique is cover and concealment. Once they bypass the garage door opener - they can close the door behind them and work on entering your home without being seen by third parties. ALWAYS LOCK YOUR GARAGE PEDESTRIAN DOOR INTO YOUR HOUSE. More to follow! Clint Our shop: www.violentnomad.com Our books: www.100deadlyskills.com

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Published at: 2 years ago
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