Sennheiser HD 650 Review

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Full review of the HD 650 over ear headphones from Sennheiser. One of the truly legendary headphones on the market - they've been around for YEARS and are still considered one of the best audiophile cans especially in their price range. If you crave a soundstage that will just immerse you in the music, then you MUST try these headphones! With a quality recording, it's truly a treat. As far as genres - these headphones can work well with pretty much anything out there. Hip Hop, trance, etc. would definitely work better on other cans, but don't get me wrong - you can definitely enjoy those genres on these headphones. The fact that they roll off right around 30Hz definitely takes a way from some of the harder hitting music, but honestly, to really experience these headphones, you'll be looking at listening to genres like Jazz, Singer/Songwriter, etc to get that sense of involvement and and depth. A truly fantastic set of headphones. Pros: - SOUNDSTAGE!!! - Full, controlled, detailed bass - Cool, relaxed but full midrange - Detailed, smooth highs - Scales well with equipment - sounds great with inexpensive equipment - sounds phenomenal with high end equipment Cons: - Melon crushing clamping pressure - Bass roll off around 30Hz - Depending on equipment, sound can be a bit too dark - Styling? A lot of plastic for 5 bills Brian Larson at RazorDog! Audio: Titan Division: My Facebook: Twitter: @headphonehq

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