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IN THIS VIDEO WE ARE GOING TO EXPLORE THE WEIRD AND WONDERFUL WORLD OF ART BY SHOWING YOU OUR NEWEST COLLECTION OF FAVOURITES. A RANGE OF EXCITING IDEAS, BRIGHT ARTISTS AND OPTICAL ILLUSIONS TO GET YOU FEELING INSPIRED AND BURSTING WITH CREATIVITY. SIT BACK AND ENJOY THIS WONDROUS AND WACKY MATERIAL AND DON’T FORGET TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE FROM QUANTASTIC. Check Out These Amazing Artists: FRANCOIS VOGEL Instagram: Web: François Vogel is a director and writer, known for Stretching (2009), Marchant grenu (2013) and Cuisine (2007) MIRIAM TRIBE Instagram: Tiktok: Web: Miriam is a one line artist who uses both hands to create! Also, she likes to experiment with different mediums, check her out! PABLO ROCHAT Instagram: Pablo is a creative art director who edits original and hilarious photos and videos. He's really funny! ESTEBAN DIÁCONO Instagram: Web: Freelance motion designer who experiments with small pictures of great moments DALE Tiktok: Web: Dale is an airbrush artist. He creates custom t-shirts and hats for basically any occasion or theme you wish. His pieces are all handmade and beautifully made. SERG Instagram: Tiktok: This artist uses a unique technique to create art whilst cleaning out their paint brushes. ARTIST AMY KOUR Instagram: This Russian artist is a great portrait artist. Her style is one hundred percent realistic but it's full of emotion. WICKED PAINT Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Wickedpaint is an airbrush calligrapher who loves to paint names onto various backgrounds. DAN LAM Instagram: An American sculptor of Vietnamese ancestry, best known for her "drippy" sculptures and use of vibrant color. DINO TOMIC Instagram: He’s been passionate about drawing since a young age, by the time he would be 26 years old he wanted to be a good/great artist known internationally. DAVID TROQUIER Instagram: This artist is the master of creating perspective using just a paper and a pencil. Amazing minimalist art! YASMIN ARTISTRY Instagram: Tiktok: Yasmin has made multiple videos of herself customizing playing cards adding all her favourite classic animated characters LILY Instagram: Where fun and talent meet, Lily is there to show the world her creations CAMMIE'S GARAGE - CAMERON PORTER Instagram: Youtube: Web: Facebook: Twitter: Shop: Animator, Illustrator, Designer, Painter, Photographer, Sculptor, Woodworker, Maker. Cameron has done, if not all, most types of art. HIROTAKA HAMASAKI Instagram: Hirotaka uses the most inginious ways to create amazing art ANIMALS IN THINGS Instagram: This artist sees animals everywhere and made it a form of art LUIGI KEMO VOLO Instagram: This Italian artist has a great talent and a great sense of humour KAY BURN LIM Instagram: Kay is not just another photographer. He loves to play with objects to create new realities. ERIK DANIEL GARCIA (EDGCI) Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Web: Twitter: Edgci (Erik Garcia) is a portrait artist based in LA. THE EGGSHIBIT Instagram: This artist creates images with eggs, and they are amazing. He has created characters, scenarios and more! We bet breakfast is always his favorite meal of the day. MANUFRUKTURA Instagram: This amazing artist create exact miniature versions of food. Her creations include carrots, peppers, canned good and even desserts! KELLY JOHNSON Instagram: Kelly is an artist who uses resin to create amazing pieces full of colors, details and movements. Her creations will surely blow your mind! Check her out!

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