Carving a Torso Out of Wood and Epoxy

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#Epoxy #wood #carving . I carve a human torso out of a massive block of epoxy resin and wood. I sculpted the torso using a chainsaw, angle grinder and die grinder. I used English Walnut, Brazilian Rosewood, White Oak, Cherry and Epoxy Resin. I used MAS Epoxy "Deep Pour" resin. Huge thank you to MAS epoxy for supporting this build. This was my very first chainsaw carving I have ever done. I am beyond happy with how the end result turned out and I cant wait to do something similar again. GIVEAWAY!!! WE HAVE A WINNER! Congratulations to Roni Langley!!! The block weighs 78.4 LBS! Materials/Tools for the build Use code 'Blake' for 10% off any Mas epoxy product! 1. MAS Epoxy- 2. MAS Penetrating epoxy- 3. Epoxy Pigment- 4. Kutzal Angle Grinder attachment- 5. Kutzal Die Grinder carving bit- 6. Kutzal rotary tool carving bit- 7. Chainsaw- 8. Face shield/ mask (I love this thing!)- 9. Die Grinder (great for carving) - 10. Planer- My Camera- Camera Mic- Follow me on: Instagram: @Bmsculptures Facebook Page: @blakemcfarlandsculptures Website: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Keywords: carving, sculpting, artwork, recycled, art, tire, using tires, tire sculpture, tire art, how to, how to sculpt, how to weld, metal, metal working, tig, tig welding, mig, mig welding, welding, welding sculpture, metal sculpture, armature, woodwork, woodworking, unique, unique art, wires, cables, wire art, art ideas, ideas, unusual, unusual idea, creation, creating, building, crafting, builders, handyman, handiwork, sculptor, artist, modern, modern sculpture, how to sculpt, how to carve, how to paint, ethernet cables, environment, green, recycled sculpture, blake, mcfarland, goodyear, goodyear tires, baseball, bluejays, form, human, human form, human sculpture, animal, animal sculpture, make, making, makers central, resin, resin art, pouring, table, work table, working, time lapse, bay area, california, public art, public, welding, braising, attaching, cables, wires, weaving, painting, academy, learning, learning to sculpt, wood, woodworking, amazing, unique, sculpting in blender, sculpting in clay, clay, sculpting for beginners, ideas for art, kids, kids art, woodworking tools, woodworking bench, bench, woodworking ideas, metal working tools, tools, machines, metal working machines, tig welder, mig welder, wood workshop, tips, metal working tips, woodworking tips, sculpting tips, carving tips, how to, how to draw, how to carve, how to sculpt, diy, do it yourself, time-lapse, Axe, Rusty, Restoration, Axe restoration, make money, turning trash into cash, metal restoration, rust, remove rust, removing rust, metal etching, etch, electric etching, electro etch.

Published by: BM Sculptures
Published at: 6 months ago
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