Cascading Weaved Elastics, Little Girl Hairstyle

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I love this cascading weaved elastics hairstyle so much and I hope that you do to! We have done this style a few different times and gotten so many compliments! To start this style, you want to section off two areas in the front and two in the back. With the front sections, you will create 4 ponies from front to back on each side. This will create 8 total sections. Next, take your front left ponytail and cross it to your right 4th ponytail. Hold it in place with a clip. You will repeat this on the right side. Cross your first right ponytail to your 4th left ponytail. You will repeat this step with the 2nd and 3rd ponytail, adding them to the 4th. If you prefer, you can put your pigtails in and cross them over to the pigtails. I'm crossing them over to the 4th ponytail so that you have the option to use this as a half up style, low pigtails or high pigtails. Once all ponies are crossed, you will secure each side with an elastic and add to pigtails! Please give us a thumbs up and subscribe! Instagram: Facebook:

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Published at: ۳ years ago
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