Garmin Instinct - How To Calibrate ABC Sensors - Storm Alert

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In this video, I'll show you how you can quickly access the ABC sensors on your Garmin Instinct. By ABC I mean; Altimeter, Barometer and Compass. I'll also show you where you can set the Storm Alert feature. You can quickly access the ABC sensors by PRESS and HOLD the DOWN/ABC button to access the ABC widgets. You will be able to scroll through the following screens: 3in1, Altimeter, Baromter and Compass. By pressing the GPS button on each screen, you will be able to get into the configuration options for each sensor. The Altimeter and Barometer relies on elevation data. The Garmin Instinct can auto-calibrate elevation based on GPS data, but you have the option to manually edit the value. This may be necessary in some situations where it might be off by a lot but typically it is within an acceptable accuracy criteria. You can always get accurate elevation data by looking up good topo maps or GIS information with your local government. The Barometer screen has an additional feature called STORM ALERT, this allows you to set a Barometric drop during a three hour window to alert you of an incoming storm or low pressure. We covered this in the original fenix weather forecasting video, but selecting a value above 3hPA per 3hr is usually a good rule of thumb to alert you within a few hours of upcoming low pressure that might contain rain or wind. --------- 🚛 #Truckcamping Gear List 🚛 🛰️Latest Garmin Products 🛰️ 🛒 Accessories For Your Garmin 🛒 🚴 #FatBike and #BikePacking Gear 🚴 --------- #avoidingchores #garmin #garmin instinct

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