Sennheiser Momentum Review - Over Ear Edition

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GET THEM HERE === === Sennheiser Momentum Over Ear Headphones First, wow. As of today, February 19th, 2014, these are the best sounding set of headphones I've heard under $500. Granted, I've not heard them all, but what I was able to experience with the Momentums is stellar. Pros: - Incredible bass - from volume to accuracy - one of the best I've heard, period - Mids - beautiful, lush, warm, engaging - Highs - detailed without being technical, smooth, delicate - Aesthetics - Light - for those who are sensitive to heavy headphones, you should check these out - Perfect clamping pressure - not to strong, not too light - this one feels jussssst right - Removable cables - Plugs fit well into phone cases like Otterboxes - Play controls for media players/phones/laptops - Fantastic build quality and very comfortable - assuming ears fit Cons: - Won't be comfortable for people with longer/larger ears - Not all that compact - can't fold them down - they pretty much stay the size you see - Annoying that you have to push them back into the "most compact" form to get them back into the case - means you always have to readjust - Potentially won't work well for people who wear thick framed glasses Overall, these are in the very top of my favorite sets of headphones at any price range. The combination of comfort, sound quality and features makes this an incredible set of headphones if you're in the market looking. They are truly versatile as they can literally be used with every genre out there - they can handle it all, and do it with aplomb. Site: Facebook: Twitter: @headphonehq SUBSCRIBE!!! SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!! DON'T FORGET TO CLICK THE THUMBS UP!!!

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