Surprisingly Gross Things You Need to Clean, Life Hacks !

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Germaphobes you’ve been warned, grab your hand sanitizer and your Lysol, and get ready to learn about 11 Surprisingly gross things you need to clean ! Subscribe to American Eye 6. Your Keyboards Basically, most things that make contact with your hands are going to contain a large amount of germs but you should probably clean your keyboard in order to keep it working as well. Especially if you’re eating at the computer, you probably get crumbs all over it and those get stuck between the keys. The keyboard hazard gets even worse if you’re in a public location such as a college library or an office where you share seats. In some studies, they proved that keyboards were germy enough to be called public health hazards and your mouse really isn’t much better either. There were 5 times more germs on keyboards than on toilet seats. Where the crumbs of your food might leak, germs will flourish. Germs are really everywhere and the best thing we can just do is to wash our hands and not eat and use the keyboard at the same time. If no one else is really using your keyboard than you don’t have quite as much to be concerned about. 5. Can Openers Although this one might not be quite as bad as some of the other things we’ve mentioned on this list, you probably have never thought about cleaning your can openers. They are one of the most commonly used utensils in the kitchen but many experts warn you that it might a be a utensil of infection if you don’t clean it! According to some studies, can openers can be a breeding ground for germs such as salmonella, e. Coli, yeast and mold. All stuff you probably don’t want in your can of spaghettios! If you’re eating something type of canned food that contains meat, it might get onto the can opener, get infected by microorganisms and then get onto your spoons and forks just wreaking havoc all over the place in the kitchen. Most people just don’t even know they need to wash it. If you get sick from your can opener, don’t say we didn’t warn you! 4. Coffee Machine Even our morning cup of coffee could be infested with germs! Oh no! Keurig coffee machines also almost seem to be the perfect breeding ground for numerous infections including staph infections, strep throat and e coli. The damp, warm environment essentially turns the keurig into a swamp like area after the water is run through the machine. Scientists recommend cleaning it with vinegar as often as possible. Little colonies of microorganisms in the water tank were found in many different samples and it can cause a serious upset stomach. Calcium can even build up in the tubing system which is a whole nother story! It’s important to wash your hands before using the coffee machines and to change remove the coffee grinds once you’ve made your coffee. It’s hard to say exactly what would be left of the microorganisms after the water is heated up but it’s still best just to be safe. Don’t freak out and toss your coffee machine out the window, You’ll survive, it's just important to know what you might get exposed to if you don’t 3. The Kitchen Sink One of the germiest places in your home, the kitchen sink should not be overlooked next time you need to get some cleaning done! When researchers were swabbing different homes, they found that the kitchen sink contained an average 17,954 single celled organisms per square inch! In fact, even the kitchen sink might have more germs in it than a toilet after it’s been flushed! Jeez, our food gets washed there! The food left at the bottom of the sink gets eaten up by bacteria and a lot of the food we put down the drain doesn’t just go to waste. You guessed it, they’ll eat that too! So it’s important to not only clean the surface of the sink but to have some kind of disinfectant to pour down the drain as well. This can also make your home smell much better if you haven’t done it recently. In really bad cases worms can even start crawling around underneath the faucet so, keep an eye on it! 2. Toothbrush The thing you clean your teeth with should be clean… right? Before you put that toothbrush in your mouth keep in mind that it could contain more than 10 million single celled organisms including things like staph and e. Coli once again! At any given time, there’s at least 100 species of bacteria living in your mouth at this very moment. You can almost see the bacteria moving around on this thing! Although it’s recommended to change your toothbrush every couple of months, your toothbrush isn’t too likely to make you sick since your mouth is already full of bacteria anyways. Keep in mind though that if you brush too hard, it can actually push some of the bacteria underneath your gums, which will lead to toothaches and even cavities! So yes, in a sense brushing your teeth can lead to cavities. Another rule you should keep in mind, is to never brush where you flush

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