Chintek Baldoor Medusa CK-M1 Review

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See them here === === The Chintek Baldoor Medusa CK-M1's are an interesting set of headphones. They definitely took the approach of trying to bring a different style to the headphone arena. Obviously design is a personal choice so if you're looking for something different, these might be for you. Here are some of the key takeaways for the Baldoor M1’s Pros: - Different look than most headphones out there - Love the included cable - Replaceable cable - Unique size extension - Good bass - Good treble - Come in a variety of colors Cons: - Midrange was lacking and felt hollow - Comfort - these were some of the least comfortable headphones I've tried - Clamping pressure - pretty tight with no good way to loosen them up Overall I think these will be a bit of a tough sell in the price range they’re going for. There are a lot of headphones out there in that same price range of roughly $60-$70 that have pretty excellent sound quality for the money and that’s where matching up might be a bit of a struggle. Also, with the issues with comfort, they take some getting used to which is something most people don’t like to deal with. I think with a few tweaks these could be a real contender for people looking to get a fresh new look. Headphone Review HQ Site: Join me on Facebook: Twitter: @headphonehq SUBSCRIBE!!! LEAVE A COMMENT!!! If you enjoyed this review and it’s honesty, please do leave a thumbs up!

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