BenQ MH530FHD 1080p 3300 Lumens DLP Home Theater Video Projector 2012



BenQ MH530FHD 1080p 3300 Lumens DLP Home Theater Video Projector 2021 CLICK HERE: Picture this – You’re all curled up and ready to watch an amazing action movie. You get it started, and you find you can barely see the characters on the screen. Even though you updated your TV within the last few years, everything is so small that you’ll be lucky to decipher who the main actors in the film are. If this is a situation that is all too familiar to you, it might be time for a bigger screen. But, it’s also time to move on from the TV life. Projectors are the newest and best way to get a bigger screen without having to drop hundreds and thousands of dollars. Plus, you get to choose your screen depending on what you feel like each day. Need a bigger screen for gaming? No problem! Need a smaller screen for a TV show? No problem! Projectors can even provide a screen on the wall or on a bed sheet for a last minute screen. This is a great projector to buy if you’re entering the projecting world. Best Features There are some things that you simply don’t want to skimp on, and your entertainment is probably one of them. Because of this, you shouldn’t buy a projector that is just $100. While they may claim to perform at the same level, they simply cannot compare. This $500 projector made by BenQ is truly a luxury projector that will get the job done but still be affordable. It has one of the finest picture qualities with an ANSI brightness of 3300 lumens and a native 1080p HD resolution. You will catch every drop of sweat and strand of hair thanks to the 15000:1 contrast ratio, which produces a much sharper image. The lamp life is going to last you up to 10,000 hours, and it couldn’t be easier to connect. Whether you’re working with hdmi, usb, vga, av, or tv, you can connect them all. There is also a built in speaker for your ease of use. The screen size goes from 100 to 300 inches, much larger than you’ll find on any budget screen. What’s Included You will receive the projector, Remote Control w Battery (5J.JG706.001), Warranty Card (by region), Power Cord (by region), and VGA cable. Pros Most users were shocked with how pretty this projector is in person. It’s designed to look modern, and it truly does. It has a clean look and it is very quiet. The fan isn’t loud like on other projectors out there. Cons Some users reported that the mounting holes on this projector are a bit oddly placed, so it can cause some weird mounting issues. Final Verdict While $500 might seem like a lot to spend on a projector, it’s worth the money. It is easily one of the best out there, and you won’t find a better picture for the price. #BenQ #MH530FHD 1080p #Home Theater As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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