GT Sport - FIA Pre-Season - Day 1

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Support the stream: Playing Gran Turismo Sport and participating in the new FIA Manufacturer Pre-Season. This is day 1. Thanks for watching! Below is the discord link for the channel. The benefit is to see when I go live, share liveries and get news about GT Sport. Feel free to join. Discord: Here is the link to the wheel I'm using: Below are links to the Fanatec Wheel/Pedals that I use and below this are my recommended settings for GT Sport. I hope this helps everyone! Fanatec Wheel: Fanatec Loadcell Pedals: Here are my wheel recommendation settings to make this wheel feel better out of the box: (Don't forget to update to latest firmware prior to use) Advanced settings in GT Sport: Torque - 2 Sensitivity - 6 Fanatec wheel settings: Sen - 65 (This is degree of rotation) FF - 100 Sho - 100 ABS - 100 DR1 - Off For - 100 Spr - Off DPR - 100 Brf - 20 (This is break force. Add this number higher if you want more pressure for full breaking) Fei - 20 (This setting is how strong rumbles will be. If it's too much and loud, move this down to 50) "I'm not going to crash into anyone, or race dirty. If I can't pass you clean, then i'm not good enough." -Z28 Subscribe if you enjoy watching clean, competitive racing. High Quality Streams using Elgato, PS4 Pro console and Thrustmaster T-GT. Thanks for Watching!

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