color sorting for plastic scrap,sort red,first sort and second sort



optical sorting for red plastic flake. Let me explain the completed sorting process.Normally the completed process include first sorting and second sorting. 1.First sorting,we will get the two results,the accepted material and rejected material.The accepted material is final product .The rejected material will go to second sorting. 2.Second sorting,we also will get two results ,the second accepted material and second rejected material.The second accepted material (we call it middle material) will go back to raw material for recycling sorting.The second rejected material is final product. 3.So the first accepted material and the second rejected material are the final results.As the video shows,you will get the red plastic and other color plastic Some customers require third sorting.Our machine also have third sorting function. Real time recording To get more video update,please subscribe our Youtube channels. Subscribe now: Please contact Zhongke color sorter for any questions you may have concerning our company, products or services. Visit our websites to find more information and get connected with our people. Please tell us your detailed inquiry and information for better communication: 1.Company name,main business,address. 2.Name input material,and what is the impurity(need to remove) inside and impurity rate(%). 3.Required input material capacity (tons/hour). 4.Better show us the material photos.

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