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Aftermath is in the video at 2:21 I'm back breaking my old TNT ball record. I was going to provide a download but I accidentally deleted it, sorry :( I made these Minecraft TNT ball videos to rip-off of some other viral Minecraft TNT ball videos. The videos are called "Minecraft - Big Ball o' TNT" and "Minecraft - Even Bigger Ball o' TNT", and they were made by Youtuber 'Mi3kka1S4' back at the end of 2010. Back then Minecraft was still kind of a new thing, his videos were recorded on Minecraft Alpha 1.2.6 lol. Anyway, so, his videos were super viral, so I just decided to copy them, I don't remember if I knew they would go viral like his did. Well today they have 3x as many views as his do, so that's pretty funny. Something else that's funny is that his videos are definitely fake, he clearly just used MCEdit to put perfect sphere-shaped holes in the ground as-if his TNT balls had actually exploded. He even deleted the bedrock at the bottom of his world, which has never been possible in Minecraft. This video is authentic. The aftermath is realistically what it looks like if you blow up at TNT ball that size. The music is some song that I got out of the Youtube royalty free library, because the original song was copyrighted. I see what the song is anywhere on Youtube, so I have no way of finding it. I generated the world with a beta 1.7.3 terrain generator mod called "Generator Ports". I also used Single Player Commands, which is an old dead mod :(

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