The Future of the CMS

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Todd Ross Nienkerk In this session, we will rethink the role of designers, the purpose of a CMS, and how we manage and consume content. We will discuss: 1. The tension between a design and a CMS. Should your design be optimized for your CMS? Or should you modify your CMS to achieve your design? In other words, are you walking the dog, or is the dog walking you? 2. "Headless" Drupal: Drupal as a backend with multiple frontends. Drupal's theming layer is difficult to master and expensive to upgrade between major releases. We will discuss how the frontend and backend can be decoupled to provide better experiences for users, developers, and designers alike. 3. Content as a service. Decoupling isn't just about separating the frontend from the backend or making upgrades easier. In fact, the real power of headless Drupal is separating content from presentation, allowing you to connect any number of websites, channels, or devices to a single source of content through an API! 4. case study. We'll close by discussing how Four Kitchens work with This Week in Tech to relaunch as a decoupled Drupal site with an exposed API allowing their fanbase to directly access content. Get ready for some really big, innovative ideas! For a preview of this session, check out The Future of the CMS, a lunchtime session we presented during DrupalCon Austin. Slides are also available.

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تاریخ انتشار: ۴ سال پیش
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