How to make delicious lemon pound cake/simplest&easiest pound cake

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How to make delicious lemon pound cake Let's make delicious lemon pound cake. My recipe is very soft and delicious Method. Please subscribe. Please share it with many people. My instagram↓↓↓↓↓↓ This is my mom's channel She is 65 years old and introduces her Korean food and Korean street food. Subscribe to my mom channel. There was an image editing error. Butter in the image is 90g. Actual butter usage is 180g. 180g is right. I am very sorry. material 4 eggs, 2 egg yolks Sugar 170g Butter 180g + Lemon juice 2TBSP(=15ml=28g) + Lemon peel 40g (can be replaced with two lemon zest) Please melt Vanilla Extract cake flour 200g Baking Powder 4g TIP You can make two cakes with this recipe. Frame size Width 16.5 cm, length 8.5 cm, height 6.5 cm You can use all the frames you have. Depending on the frame size, the baking time varies in the oven.

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