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Share, Support, Subscribe!!! Android Studio setup - The Official IDE for Android Java SE Development Kit 9.0.4 - Official setup Installing Android Studio for Android App Development The first install of Android Studio can take some time with lots of downloading and extracting. Android Studio requires the Java Development Kit (JDK) to be installed first so the two main steps are: 1) Download and install the JDK. 2)Download and run the Android Studio installer for Windows. Once Android Studio is installed the Android SDK Manager is used to add extra packages to support a wide range of Android development scenarios. Then you may need to install device drivers for any Android devices you want to run Apps on when developing, alternatively use an Android Virtual Device (AVD). Java for Windows Run the Java installer to set up Java on your PC. Install the Android Studio IDE Run the Studio installer file. When the Android Studio Setup dialog appears select the Next button on the various set up screens. The installer will setup the Android Studio IDE, the base Android Software Development Kit (SDK) and an Android emulator (AVD). Click next, then agree to the licenses. Then the Install Locations are shown. On Windows the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) install location default is not the easiest to remember (buried under your Users folder). It is recommended to change the install location, e.g. to C:\Android\sdk. If you need to install Studio and the SDK onto a disk with more space change the install locations here, as this example shows: Click next and when the install button is pressed a progress bar is shown while the Studio files are extracted. Use the Show Details button for more information. Once completed click next and then the finish button closes the installer. When Android Studio starts some more configuration takes place. Allow access through the firewall if prompted. Click Next to progress through the Android Studio Setup Wizard screens. Click Finish and Android Studio will download additional packages. Click the Show Details button if required. You may be prompted to allow a command line instruction to run (related to the configuration of the Intel Hardware Acceleration Execution Manager, HAXM). Allow the command to run. When the download and extraction of the packages has completed click the Finish button. After a short delay the Studio Welcome screen will be shown. Android Studio Ready To Use To check every thing is working create a simple project, see Your First Android Java Program - Hello, World!. When you create the first project you may see a Windows Security Alert for Android Studio and Java, select the Allow Access (or Unblock) button for all alerts. You can go into the Windows Firewall settings via Control Panel to check them if required. Create an Android Virtual Device (AVD) via the AVD Manager. Use the Tools menu and select Android. Select AVD Manager and use the Create Virtual Device button to create an AVD. See Set Up an Android Virtual Device for App Testing. You can also use a physical Android device configured for USB debugging for testing your App. To return to the dialog displaying Welcome to Android Studio close the project. Enjoy you Android App development. Subscribe Website: Twitter: Facebook: Google Plus: YouTubeBuddy Wondershare Filmora Video Editor (Windows) (Mac) Camtasia Video Editor (Windows) (Mac) Vegas Pro 15 tech guruji live techgurujilive ganesh satimeshram

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