Hoze Naghashi | حوض نقاشی (Painting Pool)



مریم و رضا با آدم های دیگر فرق دارند، آن هم نه یک فرق ساده، بلکه بسیار بزرگ و آن ها باید تلاش کنند تا به دیگران ثابت کنند این تفاوت بزرگ را با معجزه عشق حل کرده اند. Maryam and Reza are a married couple with severe learning disabilities. When their son's school work starts to surpass their own abilities, he grows frustrated with them, and after a heated argument, runs away from home. Maryam and Reza are left to struggle with work, money and heartbreak in this affecting exploration of love and family that balances its more tragic moments with warmth and humour. Charming, devastating and unique, 'The Painting Pool' manages to treat a subject often neglected by mainstream cinema with honesty and compassion, and won multiple awards at the Fajr Film Festival. Synopsis by IMVBox.com Shahab Hosseini (شهاب حسینی), Negar Javaherian (نگار جواهریان), Fereshteh Sadre Orafaee (فرشته صدرعرفایی), Siamak Ehsaei (سیامک احصایی), Elham Korda (الهام کردا), Sepehrdad Farzami (سپهرداد فرزامی), Maziar Miri (مازیار میری), The Painting Pool, احوض نقاشی, استخر, حوز نقاشی, حوزه نقاشی, حوض, حوض نقاشو, حوض نقاشى, حوض نقاشي, حوض نقاشی, hoze naghashi, painting poul, painting pool, paintingpool, hooz naghashi, hooz-e-naghashi, hooze naghashi, hooz-e naghashi, hoz naghashi, hoz-naghashi, hoze-naghashi, huz naghashi, huze naghashi, huz-e naghashi, naqashi, hoze naqashi, hoz-e naqashi, hoz-e-naqashi, naghaashi, The Painting Pool - Hoze Naghashi - حوض نقاشی, فیلم ایرانی حوض نقاشی, paint, Painted pool, Painting, Hose naghashi, hose naghasi, Howze Naghashi, howze negashi, Hoze, hoze nagashi, Hoze Naghashi - حوض نقاشی, hoze naghasi, The painted pool, the painting pool, the paiting pool, the paunting pool, the pinting pool, thee painting pool, حوضنقاشی, hoz, hooze nagashi, Howze naghashy, Howze Naghashi\, howze nagashi, کمحوضنغاشی, خوضنقاشی, Hoze naggashi, hozeh naghashi, hoze naghashi - حوض نقاشی full movie, Painting Polo, Hose nagashi , painting poool, filme hoze naghashi kamel, paiting pool Welcome to the official IMVBox Youtube Channel. IMVBox is an online distribution platform established in September 2013 to support Iranian cinema. It offers both classic Iranian films and the latest titles out of Tehran. At present IMVBox holds exclusive rights for over 1,600 titles and films are being added to the collection gradually. Besides its extensive collection of documentaries, and short and feature films, IMVBox also provides its visitors with up-to-date and in-depth information on Iranian actors, filmmakers, producers and screenwriters. IMVBox's profile was heightened over the summer of 2014, when it won appraisal from the Iranian film industry. In early May the Iranian Students News Agency carried a piece that described IMVBox's work in combating online piracy. www.IMVBox.com Sharing the love for #iraniancinema Website: https://www.imvbox.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/imvbox/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/IMVBox Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/imvbox/

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