Pokemon Emerald Rare Candy GameShark Cheat Codes for GBA

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Learn the code and how to activate the Pokemon Emerald rare candy cheat. Rare candy is one of the most favorite cheats for every Pokemon fan. If you have not activated this cheat yet you miss your chance to fully enjoy your game. The rare candy Gameshark cheat code for Emerald works on almost any GBA emulator such as My Boy, Visual Boy Advance, and other popular Game Boy Advance emulators. Please note: You may need a V1.0 emerald version for this cheat to work. Because of massive demand of Pokemon Emerald rare candy cheat, we've created a guide with the information needed to make most of the cheat, see https://www.pokemoncoders.com/pokemon-emerald-rare-candy-cheat/ More Pokemon Emerald cheats here https://www.pokemoncoders.com/pokemon-emerald-cheats/ Pokemon Emerald Rare Candy Cheat code BFF956FA 2F9EC50D or 82005274 0044 If the above cheat does not work on you, give the second code a try but in my case, the second cheat code works on me. Have fun guys and I very much appreciate your Like and Sub :D Some have claimed that entering both codes works for them, try this method if the codes didn't work out for you. ⛑ Other Videos You Might Like ⛑ Pokemon Bad Egg 10 FACTS YOU NEED To KNOW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUil6BqOq6w Top 5 Reasons Why a Pokemon Cheat Don't Work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzgWGiiYiPo Pokemon FireRed Cheats Top 5 Most Popular https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XxOThm_8ZY ----- ⛑ POKEMON FANS UNITE... LET'S CONNECT ⛑ ----- ⛑ SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/1SaVENN ⛑ FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/1UoOtGm ⛑ GOOGLE +: http://bit.ly/1ruunA3 ⛑ WEBSITE: https://www.pokemoncoders.com

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