A journey to a place with untold stories; Nomads migration tour(Kuch); An odyssey to where we belong



Behind magnificent Zagros mountain ranges, somewhere surrounded by fields of Oak trees, lives a group of indigenous people of Iran; Bakhtiari Nomads. Twice a year, these indigenous people do ‘Transhumance’ to move to summer & winter pastures in order to feed their herds. We accompany these people in our ‘Kuch Tour’ in Mt. Zagros. If you are the kind of person that wants to take a break from all the chaos of this world and catch a breath, consider "Kuch" (nomad's transhumance) as an escape from your busy life. . So, Are you looking for a source of inspiration? You're lacking creativity and trying to find new ideas and subjects for your field of work? We have great offers for you! It will suit you, especially if you are a photographer, video maker or a content writer! There is no limit on how this oppurtunity will change your life and perspective of view! STAY TUNED for more details in the following posts! MOREOVER, if there is a friend of yours interested to join such a tour forward this video to him/her. Follow us on: INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/irannomadtours and FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/IranNomadTours/ OUR WEBSITE: www.nomad.tours Thank you @dour_nist for joining our tour and making this amazing documentary

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