How to Start a Podcast for Free?🎙️(Hindi)

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Let me show you how you can start a Podcast for free, right from your smartphone! You don't even need a laptop, all you need is a Smartphone, an Internet connection and your passion, about which you can talk endlessly!🎙️ CONNECT WITH ME ON; Instagram: Facebook: Snapchat: Twitter: LinkedIn: 🎥MY GEAR;🎥 Smartphone(Camera)- Moto G5 Plus Collar Mic- 🎵: Recommended Business Books📚; •The Art of the Start 2.0- •The Lean Startup- •Zero to One- •Think and Grow Rich- •Way of the Wolf (for sales)- Thank you so Much for watching this Video! I hope that the video was worth your time. If you enjoyed it, then please give it a Thumbs Up👍and if you know someone who should watch this video, then do share it with them! For more videos like this, SUBSCRIBE!!! About: I am RONIT MANGNANI, creator of this Channel "Business Block". I'm a young, Aspiring Entrepreneur just like YOU and currently learning different things about Business/Entrepreneurship through Best Business-Books, Conferences, Keynotes,etc. And I share whatever knowledge I gain, through these YouTube Videos to other Aspiring Entrepreneurs like Me! :-)

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Published at: ۱ year ago
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