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Earrings, animations, dolls, wallets... art can take many forms and can inspire many more. In this chapter of Quantastic we have made a selection of the most creative ideas we have found. Which one did you find the most inventive? Let us know in the comments below. Check Out These Amazing Artists: CILASILE Tiktok: This artist uses shrinked plastic to create earrings and nacklaces KRISTIN VAUGHN Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Facebook: Kristin has been running her polymer clay jewelry business, Hillside Studio, since 2015. She has had a love for polymer clay since she was a child PARTH KOTHEKAR Instagram: Shop: Path Kothekar uses a acto x knife to create paper outlines of animals, flowers and drawings, crafting little videos CRUSH 4 NAILS Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Other: Flor shares all kind of arts and crafts on her Tik Tok account LUIS HORAS Youtube: Luis Horas shares chemical techniques on You Tube LOCATELLI STEVE Instagram: This artists creates art with a skull as its central object EDWARD Tiktok: Edward - edjcontreras is a famous flip book maker who has over 22.3M likes on Tik Tok LAMBERTA ICE Instagram: Tiktok: Web: This artist creates art on ice cubes for cocktails 成都阳信权食品雕刻 Douyin ID: 170902073 Tel: 0086 18200361689 Wechat: YXQ18200361689 Whatsapp: 0086 18200361689 Classes: Download DingTalk (application for classes) - search 18200361689 RACHEL DESIGNS Etsy: She designs the cutest jewelry! ADVIC PORTAFOLIO Instagram: Adriana Vivanco is an interior architect that shares her portfolio on instagram KAWTHAR Instagram: Kawthar is an incredible illustrator who uses Procreate. She creates amazing animations that will not only surprise you due to her talent but also her crazy creativity is out of this world. 庞博士@ Kuaishou ID: pangboshi90 Weibo: Douyin ID: pangboshi90 Wechat channels: 庞博士 MERUNE Instagram: Tiktok: Facebook: Merune creates cute epoxy jewelry that she sells on her shop on shopee JOYCE SPAKMAN Instagram: Joyce Sparkman is a professional makeup artist and stylist from the Netherlands NORIYUKI SAITOH This amazing artist creates the largest sculptures using straw and bamboo. JYO JOHN MULLOOR Behance: This digital artist from Dubai will blow your mind with his pictures DANNY MEISINGER Instagram: Danny meisinger is a potter that crafts pots and ceramic sculptures THE OBANOTH Instagram: Tiktok: Web: Hanna Webb is a painter who works with square shapes and bright colors MOSAFER Instagram: This creator crafts handmade leather goods and sells them on ebay HARUT T-YAN Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: This is a young artist that shares her designs and some tips Submit your art video to get featured on our channel at:

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