Berlin Est à Nous [Hearts of Iron IV: Fuhrerreich 0.1: French Republic] Ep. 6



Apparently Germany can't handle without Austria #heartsofIronIV #Hoi4 #fuhrerreich #WakingTheTiger Subscribe----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out the My Discord---------------------------------------------------- Channel Artist---------------------------------------------------------------------- Hearts of Iron 4: Waking the Tiger. Check out the game at: Fuhrerreich mod: What if in an althernate universe, the Entente actually won the WeltKrieg and Germany was defeated. Find out the possible future in fuhrerreich: Legacy of the Great War. The world is split among the victorious French, British and Italians, while the defeated Germans find a new leader under Adam Dressler to lead them to retake our their lost land. In the East, China has split into numerous warlords, and the once mighty Russian empire has been divided into number local Soviet Socialist Republics. Check out the Mod here:

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