Chandra Nandini || Chandra holds Nandinis hand and strolls alongside her

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The desirable TV series Chandra Nandini continually made to give goose bumps to the observers with its never finishing dilemma way and revealed the essential crux of the presentation is to showcase in the newest episodes that, Chandra Nandini together in a tent together. Where In the latest episode, Nandini says yes maliketu tricked you,padmanand and Amartya to escape, Chandra says nand today you might not escape alive padmanand, Chandras armed force assume control nands army, Chandra and Nandini leave together, in mahal everybody praising the triumph, mora dadi, and Avantika commend this victory. Durdhara says little Chandra look your dad won the war, and I need you to be as overcome as your dad. Madhav says Chandra bhaiya I’m sorry, Chandra embraces him, Madhav says I bolstered enemies, Chandra says overlook it. Helina says mama Chandra consented to our conditions and today in Sabha I will be reported mukhtar maharani, ma says quietly down. Durdhara says dasi to illuminate Chandra won,dasi says yet all know it, Nandini strolls in and says dasi do as she says, Durdhara says you are mukhiya rani so she agreed. Nandini says yet what in regards to the joy you will get into this world, Durdhara says did you advise Chandra in regards to your feelings,Nandini says what, Durdhara says don’t mislead me, or should I tell, time doesn’t sit tight for anyone,Nandini says yes I might tell,Durdhara says come feel it little Chandra is kicking, Chandra strolls in and Nandini and Chandra feel it together. Durdhara says I needed to converse with you about love, Nandini says I should tell, Durdhara was stating her child will be cherished and pampered,dasi says maharaj everybody is in Sabha, Nandini says durdhara don’t do it, Chandra and Nandini clear out. Chandra says this triumph was conceivable in view of Chanakya and maharani Helina, and vital news from today mg sans will be our Greek delegate and Malti and Madhav will soon be wedded, Nandini thinks today I should impart my inclination to Chandra. Chandra says most essential news of Sabha,mukhiya rani please stroll at the inside here,we are thank you for your valiance and critical advice,but from now I might arrange her to leave the Raj mahal.helina gets extremely glad and all stunned.

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