GYPSY JAZZ - Hot Club Du Nax - Well You Needn't

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New Album out now ! Thank you so much for the support! We couldn't make music without you! Booking: Hot Club du Nax - Well You Needn't Gypsy Jazz Band 'Hot Club du Nax' play 'Well You Needn't'. Dreaming of the roaring 20s and 30s? Let us take you back to the golden champagne decades... available for Weddings, parties, balls and bar mitzvahs! Jazz Singer Isobel Cope on Vocals, Jazz Guitarists Arian Kindl and Lukas Bamesreiter, Double Bass Player Dario Michele Gurrado and Violinist Tomas Novak. Filmed by Maria Kirchner, grading by Robert Puteanu. "Well You Needn't" is a 32-bar tune in AABA-form that is one of Monk's most popular tunes, and is famous for its chromatically ascending/descending chords. The tune was earlier known as "You Need 'Na". The tune was first recorded October 24, 1947 for the Genius of Modern Music sessions. It later appears on Piano Solo, Monk's Music, and on Les Liaisons dangereuses 1960. Live versions appear on most of Monk's live albums. The title was inspired by jazz singer Charles Beamon. Monk wrote a song and told Beamon he was going to name it after him, to which Beamon replied, "Well, you need not". There are three widely played versions of the tune; Monk's version uses an F pedal in the A section, with an obbligato figure in addition to the melody. The line rises chromatically from C for each bar, then descends when it has reached E. The bridge starts on D♭, then ascends and descends chromatically to C, the dominant. Monk would in later versions play alternatingly F and G♭ when comping, but keep the bridge as it was. Miles Davis's version of the tune is comparatively more popular. Davis alters the A section's main motif, and tritone substitutes Monk's changes during the bridge. Therefore, Miles Davis starts the melody of the bridge a half-step too low. He later recorded a contrafact of the tune, called "I Didn't", and appears on the album The Musings of Miles. Mike Ferro later wrote lyrics to the tune, and the song was recorded in 1988 by Carmen McRae as part of her studio album Carmen Sings Monk. For copyright reasons, the song was renamed "It's Over Now". Lyrics You're talkin' so sweet well you needn't You say you won't cheat well you needn't You're tappin' your feet well you needn't It's over now, it's over now You're dressin' with class well you needn't You're holdin' your sass well you needn't You think you're a gas well you needn't It's over now, it's over now It's over now, it's over now You've had your fun, so take a bow You oughta know, you lost the glow, the beat is slow, the shadows grow The lights are low, it's time to go, let's close the show down Oh You're taking off weight well you needn't You're looking just great well you needn't You're settin' the bait well you needn't It's over now, it's over now [repeat all then...] It's over now, it's over now It's over now, it's over now It's over now, it's over!

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