BRUTAL DOOM TOMTEFAR'S - E1M3 Toxin Refinery Remake [100% SECRETS]

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This Toxin Refinery Remake from Knee-Deep in the Dead by Guardsoul, is by far one of the best maps I've played in a very long time! Brutal Doom Tomtefar's Edition is an addon that you must load together with vanilla Brutal Doom v21 to make it work, it changes several things. Tomtefar's Edition brings you a very powerful Revolver, Remote C4 Charges to throw, Automatic Grenade Launcher, BFG10K, Mastermind's Chaingun and more stuff to fire. I recommend this map for everyone, from casual gamers especially who are familiar with classic maps to these demanding some challenge. This map has got a lot of secrets (13 in total!), the layout is pretty much the same as in classic, but expanded a lot with more areas. And of course, having more than 500 monsters it means that the difficulty has been drastically increased, but in a good way. However you must keep your eyes and ears wide open, there are some fake walls that reveal more monsters, which can overwhelm you. Because this map needs Ultimate Doom WAD to be launched, you can't find such annoying monsters like Revenants, Pain Elementals or Arch-Viles. If you play this map without any mods, you can't also pick up the Super Shotgun, the Rocket Launcher is findable as always in the secret area with toxic slime. The best possibility to pick up early is by far the Fire Axe, lots of the areas are small, a lot of Pinkies to find, berserk fueled Fire Axe is your real friend. And try to find as many secrets as possible during the playthrough, plenty of ammunition and armor to find, a real must have to finish this map in my opinion. Secrets: #1 00:24 #2 01:40 #3 04:20 #4 07:40 #5 11:20 #6 13:30 #7 16:40 #8 17:15 #9 18:05 #10 20:25 #11 21:30 #12 23:30 #13 26:20 Brutal Doom V21 - Brutal Doom Tomtefar's Edition - Toxin Refinery Remake - CatsVisor HUD - Duke Nukem 3D Taunts -

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