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HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED ABOUT ALL THE DIFFERENT WAYS THERE ARE TO DECORATE A CAKE THESE DAYS? WE HAVE COMPILED A LIST FOR YOU OF ALL THE BEST CAKE DECORATING AND CONFECTIONERY TIPS, IDEAS, AND TECHNIQUES... Check Out These Amazing Artists: BRIDIE BAKES Instagram: Web: Facebook: Youtube: Mail: Bridie Bakes is all about matchmaking cake and icing in new and exciting ways! They design and create custom cakes and treats to be perfect for special occasion. They made very good forest cake for example. LET’S COOKIE Instagram: Web: Facebook: Mail: Who said cookies are boring? This artist nails the art of the cookie decoration! DANIEL JONGSMA Instagram: Web: The most amazing desserts come from this amazing cheff from Las Vegas. So fancy! NINA TARASOVA Instagram: The perfect mix of amazing cheff qualities and creativity. Nina will amaze you with her desserts! NICOLAS NIKOLAKOPOULOS N2 Instagram: Facebook: Mail: Nicolas is a pastry chef and chemist who mixes his two passions into one. His creations come in different shapes and sizes, he even has a clock inspired dessert! SUGAR & SPARROW Instagram: Linktr: Their motto is "helping you whip up pretty desserts with confidence and creativity, hopefully sharing a few laughs with you along the way!". MOLLY ROBBINS Instagram: Web: Mail: Molly Robbins is a cake artist with an exceptional talent. Her stunning pieces have designs that are as detailed as colorful. They will truly amaze you! SABA JANJGAVA Instagram: Web: Mail: Not only cakes and cookies, also he bakes tarts and croissant. And he believes taste and good looking can be presence at the same time. He knows manys technique to bake delicious dessert. CORENTIN POIRIER MARTINET Instagram: Any bad things can be said about the amazing French cuisine. Corentin is one of the best of its dessert cheffs. DINARA KASKO Instagram: Web: Mail: Dinara gives pastry masterclasses and also creates silicone cake moulds you can buy in her store. Check her unusual creations and creative cake decorations. SONNY ROBINSON Instagram: The most crazy cake designs come from Sonny. Most of them don't even look like cakes, but they really taste like it! SWEET JOSIE BAKES Instagram: Josephine puts a smile on her face is baking fresh custom desserts and gluten free treats for all to enjoy. She started Sweet Josie Bakes in 2018 with a whisk and a dream, and after hours of perfecting these recipes she cannot wait for you to take a taste! RENAT AGZAMOV Instagram: Web: Mail: Renat is a cake and pastry designer who has no limit when it comes to creating the biggests and wildest cakes. He does incredible architectural designs that are simply delicious! GELATIN ART MARKET Instagram: Web: Facebook: Pinterest: Mail: This group of artists creates amazing gelatine desserts full of designs. NIK AND LILY BAKERY Instagram: Facebook: Web: Mail: These two bakers create illusions, textures and amazing colors on their cakes. You can find in their pages mousse cakes, macarons, pavlovas and more. KATHERINE WALTON Instagram: Youtube: Facebook: Mail: Katherine creates theme cakes and decorations. She shows her followers how to master techniques with different utensils and leads you into making amazing cakes! Submit your art video to get featured on our channel at:

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