8-way Wireless Intercom

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Hi, this is Ultra Secure Direct, and this short video is showing our Multi Channel Internal Wireless Intercom. This particular system is supplied with 8 x Caller Stations, but a further 91 Individual Stations could be added at any time in the future. The caller stations are simply powered by a 3-pin plug, but communication is done by Wireless Transmission (not via the cables in the building) over a distance of 200 metres (line of sight). They can be wall or desk mounted. They are very easy to operate; in multiple user applications any station can call an individual station by using the following process: • Pick up a Handset • Dial the Individual Extension of the Station you wish to call. • Press Call • Once the Handset is answered, clear two-way communication is available; no other buttons need to be pressed. • The call is ended by simply hanging up. Ideal for many applications including Offices & Large Homes. Should you have any further questions please contact Ultra Secure Direct by telephone (0044 1604589414) or email (info@ultrasecuredirect.com). Full information can be found on: http://www.ultrasecuredirect.com/acatalog/8-way-Station-Wireless-Indoor-Intercom.html

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