Mecca - Medina high-speed line: Talgo T350 trains now in commercial service

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There we go! The Mecca - Medina high-speed line is now in commercial service. Being the first ones certified to operate at a speed of up to 330 km/h in a desert climate, Talgo T350 trains have set a milestone in rail history. Talgo has manufactured a fleet of 35 high-speed trains commissioned back in 2011, and will be in charge of its full maintenance during no less than 12 years from now on, making full use of AI tools deployed over Google Cloud Platform. Did you know that our trains will be ideal for the peak hours and days during the Hajj? Their single floor entirely at platform level is perfect not only for passengers with restricted mobility, but also for families with prams and heavy luggage. Every single part has been designed for the Arabian climate: pressurized coaches, military-grade filtering, thermal resistivity from 0º to 50º C, full 2-hour long autonomy in case of overhead electrification failure… As part of the 🇪🇸 consortium behind @haramainrailway, Talgo delivers.

Published by: Talgo Group
Published at: ۱ year ago