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Happy 1M Quantastic Family! Thank you for all the support and for being the best art community ever! We are really excited for what comes ahead. But first, we wanted to create a video showcasing the amazing artists that inspire all of us with their creations! Sculpting, Illustration, Lettering, Resin and more, can be found in this video so we are sure you are going to love it. Let us know what you think and again thank you for all your support. Check Out These Amazing Artists: JAMES LEWIS Instagram: Web: COLOR BY FELIKS Instagram: Youtube: Web: Facebook: GAL SHIR Instagram: Web: Facebook: Cindy Lane Instagram: Youtube: Facebook: Online classes: Shop: CAMMIE'S GARAGE - CAMERON PORTER Instagram: Youtube: Web: Facebook: Other: Shop: JESSICA Instagram: SALAVAT FIDAI Instagram: DINO TOMIC Instagram: ERIC LANDON Instagram: MP Gautheron Instagram: DIMA TKACHEV Instagram: SALVENTIUS Instagram: Youtube: Web: Shop: SENA RUNA Instagram: EXPRESSION BY NADA Instagram: Shop: CARSTEN DAUB Instagram: Web: SWEET MINI DOL HOUSE Instagram: LAURA H. RUBIN Instagram: BRANDON ROLLIN Instagram: JEN ARANYI Instagram: Youtube: Facebook: Shop: VERA MÄRKER Instagram: DARIO DE SIENA Instagram: Web: Facebook: Other: Pinterest: Shop: COLOUR QUEEN Instagram: Facebook: STEFAN ACANSKI Instagram: COZY THINGS STUDIO Instagram: LEILA KAZIMOVA Instagram: LIOBA BRUECKNER Instagram: Youtube: Web: Facebook: Other: DANILO ROOTS Instagram: NOAH DELEDDA Instagram: PHIL MALTZ Instagram: Youtube: Shop: EDINBURGH CASTING STUDIO Instagram: Youtube: Web: Facebook: NAN RAE FINE ART Instagram: NUGE Instagram: ODEITH Instagram: Facebook: OLGA LADY ART Instagram: Youtube: Facebook: Other: PALETTE AND PENS Instagram: Youtube: YOLANDE HOLOWATY Instagram: JESSICA JANIK Instagram: Shop: MICHAEL PAUL SMITH Flickr: Submit your art video to get featured on our channel at:

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