TUTORIAL - Origami High Heels Shoes (Creator: Sok Song)

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Special thanks for SOK SONG for granting me his permission to make this instructional video. Watch how a square piece of paper can be transformed into a beautiful and elegant high heels shoe. From the book "Origami Chic: A Guide to Foldable Fashion" by Sok Song. This book contains 30 delightful & trendy origami designs for everyone :-) Following are his links:- http://origamichic.com http://soksong.com & YouTube videos:- Introduction to his book "Origami Chic - A Guide to Foldable Design" https://youtu.be/fqgUwywuFS0 A tutorial by the origami master himself on how to fold a Origami Sundress. https://youtu.be/4axb2n59EOI ENJOY & HAPPY FOLDING :-)

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